A Frame of Mind and Covid 19

Alright, customers, clients, and friends- due to the Covid 19 outbreak A Frame of Mind wanted to keep everyone updated on what our plans are during this time while kids are off and everyone is avoiding illness…

If we had access to a cell phone number or email, we sent you a link to join our portal. With that, you will then have access to our HIPPA approved video-conferencing.

Even though A Frame of Mind plans to stay open, we wanted an option to make everyone feel comfortable and still be able to get counseling even if they (or we) are sick or stuck at home.

In order to use this feature, it will be scheduled during your regular scheduled appointment. You MUST let us know that you will not be coming in as soon as possible and that you would like to video in.

At the time of your scheduled appt. you will log in to your portal and click the video icon. As soon as both of us are online, the session will start.

If you are a cash-only client, you will need to update your email (or text number) in the portal (or send it to us and we’ll update it) if we don’t have it, and we will invoice you well before your session. You will then pay the invoice and then follow the instructions above. The invoice must be paid before the session begins.

If you didn’t get the link to the portal and would like to get on our portal (or you are new to us and would like to make an appt.) you may go to www.aframeofmindbodyandspirit.com and go to the schedule an appt. link. From there, click log in, and it will take you to the portal to start your account. You may have to hit my name (provider Christina Cooper) to get to where it will let you start an account.

To remind everyone the best way to stay healthy is to not panic, wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes, don’t share beverages or swap spit in any sense, take your vitamins and practice self-care.


Holiday Depression

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The unspoken truth of the holiday season…


Let’s face it, the expectations are high, kids compete with kids and parents compete with other parents. Commercials don’t make it any easier. Go into a store and there’s a constant reminder of what the expectation is whether you can afford it or not.

You can’t escape the demands of the holidays. Religious or not, rich or poor, family or none, Christmas is expensive and can be awfully lonely.

So many discuss who they spend their holidays with. So many others discuss what they’re getting their loved ones or not.

People forget that there are people out there who feel fortunate to get a single phone call for Christmas.

I’ll never forget counseling a guy one time. He was thrilled. Happy as can be. I asked him what the cause was for so much happiness and he told me, “Well, I didn’t think I was getting anything for Christmas. My family disowned me due to the alcohol. I am too poor to cook. So, I went to the church dinner, played some cards, and the next thing I know, someone handed me a gift. They knitted me a hat!”

He pointed toward his head and showed me the blue and white knit beanie that he had on. He then said, “You know, Christina, this is the best Christmas I’ve had in ten years!”

A knit hat thrilled him. Weeks leading to that day, I was talking to him about ways to pass the holiday without focusing on his own demise. That’s right, Christmas brought on feelings of depression that were so thick he wanted to die.

Being a hundred percent honest, the holidays are very hard for most people. There’s hustle and bustle combined with a ton of pressure and a lot of feelings of loneliness and despair.

Every life has value and purpose. If you find yourself struggling through the holidays, find a local church to eat dinner at. Call an old friend. Write a letter to someone serving in the military. Find a way to distract yourself from the season.

If it’s due to money, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are a TON of programs out there. Don’t worry about your pride, we all need help sometimes.

If you’re one who loves the holidays, don’t forget to reach out to people who may be alone on Christmas. A phone call or two. A plate of food for a friend can make a huge difference. Remember all it took was a knit hat to make someone’s holiday special.

A Frame of Mind wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy holiday season!

Exciting News!

Exciting News!!! A Frame of Mind is at it again! We are adding Single Session Therapy to our practice!


That’s right! Starting Wednesday Nov. 20th if you want to talk to a therapist, but don’t want to commit to THERAPY, we have what you need! $50.00 is the price, you have something going on in life and want help RIGHT NOW, come on in. No assessment, no telling an entire history of personal business, no diagnosis, no loads of paperwork, no dealing with insurance, no appt. reminders and scheduling conflicts. Zip, Zero, Zilch. You need a listening ear and you want it now- We’re here. We’re available.

*Scheduled appointments are our priority, walk-ins welcomed around scheduled appts. Want to know how long the wait will be (if any) you can call ahead. Or stop by. 2836 E. Apple Ave. Muskegon, MI (231) 340-2263

A Frame of Mind has therapy the way you want it.

We’ll post a lot more about this in days to come! Stay tuned…