Mass Confusion Written by Christina Cooper



s the snake inside of his pants swelled with excitement, I could feel the fear swell in my throat. Again I was going to be forced to succumb to his wickedly immoral gratification. I would be forced to hold onto my sanity, lying naked on a mattress grasping onto anything with my nub bitten fingernails, watching impatiently, hoping for finality as he lustfully devoured me time and time again. All I had left was the worn fear and mild continuum of a heartbeat. I would long for closure as he would greedily intensify my fight by torturing me and rock steadily to the beat of his own drum. I prayed, he laughed; His animalistic behavior preying on the damsel in distress. He would feed off my pain as he egotistically pumped his toxins throughout my fragile body. When he would finish, he would roll off me and look at me lying there with disgust. I would lay there frozen in hell, unable to move without wincing, while the insults ricocheted through my brain. I was just forced to fornicate with Satan himself. I could only hope that one day the nightmare would end…Christina Cooper, a licensed therapist, writes about the trauma she’s endured and how God has helped her through when life didn’t feel like it was worth fighting for.

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Mass Confusion

Our therapist also happens to be an author! If you are interested or curious, check out her books!

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