The Racist Pastor


The Racist Pastor: Like a wolf in sheep's clothing evil can disguise itself as good by [Cooper, Christina]

Chelsea Reynolds and Jamal ‘The Ball’ Williams, are the school’s MVP basketball players. Stuck in a tangle of hate and confusion because of Chelsea’s racist uncle, the two find themselves falling for each other. With prom coming up and decisions regarding college, is a relationship worth fighting for, while the whole town is against it?

Chelsea, a naïve, 17-year-old girl who really likes strawberry lip-gloss, tends to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. She’s had a crush on Jamal Williams for several years now, and finally she sees that he may like her too. She would give up anything, including family members, to fight the unfair battle for their relationship.

Jamal, adopted as a child and raised in a white rural town, always has everyone’s best interest at heart. Jamal strives to pay it forward and to live life to the fullest, though lately he’s finding it difficult to live life at all. Faced with adversity, he wonders if God could actually have a plan for him just the way he is. The more insane the town’s beloved pastor acts, the more difficult it is to survive, let alone manage a relationship. Jamal faces the ultimate test when the pastor takes his frustrations way too far. Barely breathing, Jamal has to decide if life is worth fighting for. When it comes to the battle of love and hate, which side truly wins?

With the help of the homeless man, who may be on a mission from God, and a few other people throughout the story, Chelsea and Jamal learn that love always overpowers hate. Jamal is forced to make the hardest decision of his life and chooses to save the life of the one person who wants him gone. The Racist Pastor is a controversial tale about hope, love, and forgiveness. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, evil can disguise itself as good.

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