Let’s talk love

Thoughts to ponder…

Did you know love is one of the strongest emotions? In my opinion it is only second to hope, but just a little stronger than hate.

Did you know that even though love is often depicted as glorious, it’s often not good for you?

The emotion of love is simply an emotion. A feeling. Similar to nauseas. It means nothing but is depicted as meaning so much more than that.

It truly means nothing.

We describe “that amazing butterfly feeling” as love.

Again, this is not the case. That’s just anxiety.

Love, in all its complexity is simple, really.

Most people I’ve counseled in the past were shocked when I said that love could be unhealthy. That is was just an emotion and not that big of a deal.

I think that’s important to know, because like any other emotion, it goes away.

In my opinion, the love for a child should be titled something else, because there’s something more innate to that. However, romantic love is not the same. It leaves, just like any other emotion out there does.

That’s why they say marriage is hard work.

Some days you feel the emotion of love. Others, as most of you know but don’t want to admit, have also felt the same feelings with your partner as hate, anger, jealousy, etc. Love is no different.

The reason I say this is not to discourage love, the Lord knows I’m a romantic. No, it’s to encourage people who are in an unhealthy relationship with love to realize that they can actually control this.

Our society has extremely unhealthy visions of love. Admit it, we were all a little infatuated with the Twilight Series. However, we didn’t want to think about the fact that it was actually disturbingly horrible if you go to the root of it.

As kids grow, they too learn to depend on this unhealthy situation, thinking it’s supposed to be like this because it’s ‘real love’.

We talk about mental health in regards to anger, pain, trauma, grief, etc. Perhaps it’s time to work on the emotion of love.

If that’s the case, we’re here to help.

Give us a call, walk-in, message us, whatever works for you. We can set something up. As I said, love isn’t always your friend, it’s only an emotion, and it can be controlled. We can help you with that. <3


Exciting News!

Exciting News!!! A Frame of Mind is at it again! We are adding Single Session Therapy to our practice!


That’s right! Starting Wednesday Nov. 20th if you want to talk to a therapist, but don’t want to commit to THERAPY, we have what you need! $50.00 is the price, you have something going on in life and want help RIGHT NOW, come on in. No assessment, no telling an entire history of personal business, no diagnosis, no loads of paperwork, no dealing with insurance, no appt. reminders and scheduling conflicts. Zip, Zero, Zilch. You need a listening ear and you want it now- We’re here. We’re available.

*Scheduled appointments are our priority, walk-ins welcomed around scheduled appts. Want to know how long the wait will be (if any) you can call ahead. Or stop by. 2836 E. Apple Ave. Muskegon, MI (231) 340-2263

A Frame of Mind has therapy the way you want it.

We’ll post a lot more about this in days to come! Stay tuned…

A Frame of Mind

So, I’ve been asked a few times how my first day went. More than that, I’ve been asked, “What EXACTLY is your business?” The truth is, I’m not really sure how to explain it. It’s unique. So, I’ll try my best…

First, my first day went well. It was interesting to see the reactions of everyone who came. Most of what I heard was, “Oh my goodness, the only place I have been able to find these is on Amazon…” This is true. I am trying to stock therapeutic items in a place where you can learn about them, ask questions about them, see them face-to-face and eliminate the guessing game of having them shipped.

So, what is ‘A Frame of Mind’? The best way to describe it is we are addressing mental health by encompassing every aspect we can. I think the only thing we don’t address is medications, however, we do carry some supplements. So, basically it looks like this…

People can make an appointment for therapy. I’m fully licensed and trained in multiple areas to do therapy. I currently accept Blue Cross and I also accept Medicaid. I will be accepting more soon as I am just opening.

I offer cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family therapy, and also I am doing a trial on virtual reality therapy to address trauma, anxiety, and phobias (yes, you actually get to wear a headset and practice talking, addressing fears, etc.). The virtual reality therapy is NOT covered by insurance at this time. I use it to supplement therapy, or as a cash only therapy in itself.

Next, I offer group therapy. This will be conducted after normal office hours because I can’t have people roaming the store while we’re doing group.

A store? Yes, it’s small, quaint, but full of items that enhance therapy, help with mindfulness and self-soothe, including sensory items, advertise mental health and removing the stigma, and incorporate family togetherness.

What else? We also offer a place for people to relax, drink coffee, shoot the breeze, listen to music, beat on the drum, or even paint canvas or river stones.

In addition to what is described above, ‘A Frame of Mind’ offers a therapy incentive program. Some of the items we sell in the store have a ‘green dot’ sticker on them. Every person that has been to therapy 10 times is able to get a ‘green dot’ item from the store for free. Why? I do this because I believe that achieving your mental health goal is worth celebrating!

We don’t have a lot of space, but in the space we have, we do a lot of things. We are adding a few more therapeutic type activities as time goes on, but for now I think this is the most accurate description of who we are and what we do- with more to come.

‘A Frame of Mind’ is working hard to help people accomplish their life worth living and we approach mental health non-judgmentally as we celebrate everyone’s success.

 Any questions, please feel free to stop by, say hello, message us, or give us a call. (231) 340-2263.

Thank you everyone for supporting us!! (Nan, thanks so much for the flowers!)

My therapist thinks I’m awesome tee shirt

Therapist thinks I’m awesome shirt!

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Addiction Statement Tee-Shirt

Tee Shirt

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